Wednesday, May 5, 2010

True Meaning of Life

Ever since I was young I have been the rescuer...the rescuer of the kids on the playground that were being bullied..the rescuer of the stray that I'm older that hasn't changed..I've always felt that as humans we should always protect those who cannot protect themselves. I try to teach these simple principles to my girls and have actually gotten my husband on board. Yesterday we went to the rescue of a tiny terrier mix who was due to be put down today. The dog was an animal my daughter was familiar with and when we found out that he was brought to the pound we felt the need to act. So in lieu of this, I would like to formally introduce the newest member of our family, Scooter.


He's been acclimating well and after removing the ticks and fleas he became friends with his new sisters, Zoey and Paris (although Paris still isn't too sure about him). His brother, Barney, doesn't like him yet, but Barney's old and cantankerous.


God Bless and be happy, healthy and strong ~ Kim

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