Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Miseries of Knitting for a 13 y/o

My youngest starts 8th grade Monday. So I thought as a treat I'd knit up something for her to start the year off "right". We perused some sites and came up with a cardigan she liked:

alexs sweater

08/12/2011: First attempt. Knit 2/3's of the cardigan only to discover that the two skeins of yarn I was working with were two different whites. :/

I ended up ripping it completely back because the initial skein I used was the only off-white skein I had. Aye Carumba!?


08/16/2011: Second Attempt. Decided I would try this from a different approach and knit it top down in a raglan style. Yeah. Not. After knitting a good 1/4 of this sweater I noticed I had THREE arms. :/

08/17/2011: Third Attempt. Again with the raglan top down style. After knitting all day at the shop and coming home..I took one look at the "ew" look on Alex's face..then compared what I had to the picture..then proceed to rip it completely back. The fabric was way too bulky and not at all even close to what Alex wanted. After looking at the picture further I see now that the sleeves are set-in rather than raglan. So here I go..Fourth attempt!?

08/17/2011: After my miserable three prior attempts I decided, again, that I would go in another direction. Since the knit fabric looks to be smaller (maybe a dk weight yarn) I toss the yarn aside that I had originally purchased to make this sweater. Reswatched in a dk yarn (Debbie Bliss' Cathay) and decided I liked the look. I've calculated my swatch and knit approximately an inch on the ribbing. Lets hope "fourth" times the charm and that my arms don't fall off as I try and finish this by Monday. :/