Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Can't I Finish?!?!

Why is it when I get 80% of my project done I can't push past that last 20%? Every single time I get a project just about done I start another one. I figure its due to my being bored but still. Currently I have three projects I'm *just* about finished with but for some craaazy reason I just can't get into them...I have to be in the mood. I hate hate hate doing things, especially hobbies, when I'm not enjoying them. I suppose everyone has those moments but it's like I have FO A.D.D. Then to make matters worse I start other projects.

The first of one of those such projects was actually a test knit for Carol Sunday called Adam's Rib was a complicated knit but I enjoyed the complexity of it and the challenge. But there it sits, languishing in its designated knitting bag beside my bed begging to be finished!


I think part of the problem is that I feel its too big for me. I'm actually debating on whether I should frog it and make another with long sleeves..but I honestly hate to do this because it took me many many months to actually get it to this point.

The second such project Cloud Chaser..all that needs to be done with it is the collar..that's it!!! I was actually supposed to have this done prior to going to vacation at the beginning of this month..:/


The last but certainly not least is my daughter's socks. I have one fully finished and the other 1/3 of the way done..


To make my life more complicated I decided I would start two other projects, the Little Red Riding Hoodie and a self written pattern based loosely on another pattern I kinda liked..Hopefully I can get that one posted and even put on Ravelry :)..I suppose I like feeling as if I have plenty to do..and as long as its not stressing me out its fine..right?!?!

Knit and be Happy, Kim