Saturday, January 8, 2011

Most Expensive Yarn

I've read a few topics on Ravelry regarding the price of much would you pay for yarn? the most expensive yarn you've bought? would you pay this much for yarn? I always read these threads with great interest because I know, for me, I don't mind paying a pretty penny for a great skein of yarn. Its a matter of quality. I love the texture. The feel of the yarn working through my fingers and the excitement I get when I see my project grow into something beautiful and unique. I love exotic fibers and I guess you can call me a yarn snob...once you start knitting with quality fibers you can tell the difference between cheaper yarns (and I say that with no insult intended) and the more expensive yarns. Knitting for me is more than a hobby for's a way of outlet for my creativity and something I sincerely love and adore. Who can put a price on that? Btw the most expensive yarn I've purchased would be a skein of Qivuit...$78 and I'm going to make myself something gloooorious with that skein..I promise ;)