Saturday, March 21, 2009

S p i n n i n g

Ever been pulled into the depths of another hobby that you truly didn't need? *raises hand* Approximately 6 months ago I traded both of my beloved Alice Starmore books (I hear all my fellow knitters gasp) and received a Babe Production Double Treadle in return. With this wonderful machine I learned how to spin a decent yarn (together with having to do major modifications to the machine and repairs...but I won't go there) I decided that 1) If this was something I wanted to continue to do I needed to get a reliable wheel and 2) I needed more fiber..I don't mean the normal person's stash, I mean a stash to outstash even the most avid spinner (because I'm sick like that) I continued on my journey and purchased a used Ashford Traveller and upgraded it to a double treadle and since it only came with the Jumbo Whorl i.e. two VERY slow ratios (now whose sounding all technical!) I purchased the regular whorl which gave me three additional faster ratios..Yeah! I'm still working on my "perfect" yarn...and getting better..but far from superior status that I see some of the Indy Dyer and Spinners do but I'll have to just be patient...Hopefully as I continue I'll be able to diary all my misadventures into dye and spin land and maybe even post something educational that another spinner or knitter can learn on my list..getting a new cord for my camera to actually post pics! Knit on!