Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come Hell or High Water

Socks. I knit them. I wear them. Essentially I love them but there are a certain pair of socks I've been attempting to knit for about 2 months now...I knitted..then ripped back...knitted..ripped back..then I totally ripped back the whole project and started over. I have other things I need to do..I have other things I desire to do but I will not let these socks get the best of me. I wish I could blame the pattern, but its not the pattern, its me. You know those patterns where you need 110% concentration or you lose your place and if you lose your place you're screwed. Well meet Mystery Sock III: Family Jewels by Wendy Gaal.


Its wonderfully written and interesting but I just can't seem to finish it. I'm worried if I walk away from it now it'll become a UFO and I won't ever finish it. I'm in a quandary. I might have to concede defeat and realize that my brain is not equipted to handle such difficult patterns. Ugh! I will not concede..pattern you will not win!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've regressed to the behavior of a 3-yr old.

I've decided that I have the self-control of a three year old...no seriously...when it comes to buying yarn, patterns or anything else I have no self control.

The problem is, I see a pattern I like, in fact, I LOVE the pattern, I must have the pattern and if I don't get that pattern (together with the suggested yarn, needles, project bag, notions etc) I'll die a gruesome sad death that will stain the history of the world for ages. I get mesmorized and I dream of all the places I can wear it..how romantic and full my life will be...with my hair whipping in the wind...riding horseback along the beach...in the coveted (finished) object, which is now instantly making me look 20 lbs thinner and 15 years younger. See how delusional I am..I guess my point is, I've decided that here recently I needed to add something like 6 or 7 new projects to my already overly extended project list.

My first mistake was opening the newest email from Interweave Knits revealing their newest book: "Vintage Modern Knits: Contemporary Designs Using Classic Techniques". From this book alone I have committed myself to four patterns: "Abigail Hand Warmers", "Ajiro Scarf", "Whitby Stockings" and "Yvette Rossitud Hat". So, I decide that I had to have the recommended yarn, I mean because none of the 150 skeins of yarn I already have will do, and I visit a yarn site to place an order...Alas, as I'm on the website, I come across another pattern: "#12 Cable Tunic" from the Vogue Knitting, Winter 2009/10 issue...I think to myself, ohhhh pretty, hmmmm I really could use another sweater..cuz hey, one can't have too many sweaters, right? So I bought more yarn. Disgusted with myself, I get off the yarn site.

Then I get on Ravelry, hoping to divert my attention. That's where I picked up the last two projects along with the suggested yarn. After adding an additional 30 plus skeins of yarn to my already overflowing stash, I am now forced to face the end result of my foolishness and mayhem. I now must butter my husband up, rub his feet and cook his favorite food in hopes that when he sees the current charges on the credit card he won't move my belongings to the tool shed. I guess my husband's right "Moderation is the key". Unfortunately, I think I've misplaced that key, along with my mail key..the key to my old house...the key to the lock on the gate I can no longer open cuz I lost the key..I really need to find that damn key.