Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I dream a lot. No not the lay down..go to sleep..and dream sorta dreams but the dreams you have about your life..visualizations of what you would like to accomplish..I have a simple ones..to raise my daughters to be productive members of society..to lose 20 err 30 lbs...but the one I would really like to accomplish is to simply design a pattern. I know, I know..sounds silly and simplistic but I fear that my creativity and knowledge isn't quuuuuuuuuite where it should be. I see all these clever designers, doing that thing they do, and think to myself "Self, there is no way in Haiti's that you could ever be that clever." Self doubt? Yep. Big time. I've bought all the books and even tried to sketch a few things..joined TKGA for the Master Knitting program..I don't even know where to start? Where does one start? I guess research is in order..After some careful consideration I came up with a quick outline of what one must do to create a successful pattern.

1. Visualize
2. Swatch
3. Calculate
4. Construct
5. Test

I think its accomplishing each one of those that's giving me such a hard time. How does one visualize something? And then..how does one pick the appropriate yarn? Calculating? I flunked math..then construct. Bah! I realize I'm being a negative Nancy here but I have no idea whatsoever how to get from point A to point B. There has got to be some sort of formula, right? I guess its for me to figure out..until next time.

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