Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacation Knitting

Vacation knitting! Love it! Over analyze it! It's funny. When preparing for a vacation the first thing on my list is "What project shall I bring?" That's when the monster in me comes out to play. I mean really, you have to have a project that is easy..mindless..doesn't require my entire suitcase full of knitting tools etc etc. Then comes the research. I start going through my list of patterns..researching patterns on Rav...looking at projects done with yarn already in my stash..then it starts to roll a little outta control. I find a project but I don't seem to have any yarn in my stash that will complete this to my satisfaction (yeah riiiiiight). So then I purchase the yarn. Then I find other yarn that will be simply perfect for a cardigan...but alas..I have no pattern satisfactory for the I buy a pattern..this continues until I now have four..yes FOUR..vacation projects. All cardigans. I'm only going on vacation for 10 days. Now I'm sure you're wondering how I rectify this in my mind..and here's the math:

1) There's the wait time at the least a few hours worth..I shall knit!

2) The flight alone is 15 hours..I figure if I knit super fast..intent on making the Guiness Book of World Records as the fastest knitter..get no sleep..I can surely (don't call me shirley..giggle..I had to say that) finish at least one cardigan.

3) I'll be relaxing on the ship for a least a few hours of day...what will I do? Hey, I know! I figure I can finish at least another cardigan.

4) Lastly, the trip home..again why can't I finish another whole lord I'm delusional!

Wow..after reading that I think I really need some professional help. In all reality I probably won't even get half-way through one project but I so enjoy imagining all the finished projects I get to bring home. I love the thought of having a project I can have, keep, and remember the time I had when going to [insert vacation destintion]. It's the best souvenior of all! Along with the memories and photographs. ;)

The patterns I plan on bringing:

1) Hay Cardigan using Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in forestry;

2) Kira using either Rowan RYC Baby Alpaca DK in Spring Leaf or Madelinetosh Pashima in Isadora;

3) Lily using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Burnt Orange; and Lastly

4) Walnuss using Madelinetosh Pashmina in Charcoal.

Here's hopin' I at least get to finish one! ;)

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