Sunday, January 20, 2008

Am I insane?

Okay, I've been thinking about doing this for some time.....blogging...everyone does it..? Right? I read thousands of posts, on thousands of blogs and it inspired me...So here I am, be honest its refreshing, typing, thinking that someone will actually be interested in what I have to say...its definitely liberating. Now for my obsession, the one that causes me to hide receipts, write different entries in the checkbook and makes my husband cringe...KnItTiNg..Yes, I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with knitting...I've bought thousands (and I'm not exaggerating) of pattern books (quite a few unopened) and yarn....oh it! If I could live solely off of chocolate and mounds of yarn...I'd be satisfied. I definitely have a romantic kinda twisted style...anything with lace, bellowly sleeves, intricate lace, soft texture (not that I can actually knit any of that yet.) *snicker* I also love wicked knits (You know, with skulls and things you wouldn't normally knit.) My current project is for my highschool daughter, and it consists of a basic scarf with striped black and grey pattern and an intarsia heart at the bottom (picture right). It'll be my second FO of the year, the first was a fair isle cap for my youngest, of which I still need to sew in the ends. (love doing projects, but have an adversion of finishing them!)

My first FO of the year

(See the lovely unsewed ends on the left? Yep, I so need to finish that)

Some of my offending stash-

Even more offending stash --

Okay, is there AA for knitters? --

So here I will end this post, with the hopes that I will have enough interesting stuff to continue posting and I salute all of my favorite bloggers out there....Yarn Harlot...A Strikke...Marnie MacLean...Goth Knits...domiKNITrix...GrittyKnits....and many more...Kudos to you all and may I leave my mark on the "Blog World"


P.S. At the gentle persuasion of my youngest dd I am forced to post her scarf she is in the process of knitting...not bad for a 9 yo huh....


Bakersfield Bubble said...

Nice Blog!

Hope to see more of your quality work!

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*K-Knit* said...

Hi mom this is Alex keep trying youll be fine I love u so much you rock love Alex

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